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Swimsuit Peddler One Helps Customer Change Mailllot

South of the Club, Martinique
March Friday, 1992 M92017

   Bikini peddler topless and floral tanga.
   Customer in red shoulder-strapped maillot rolldown over topless and colored nombril culotte.

   Peddler: TMLBA. Armpit. Inguinal. N-1. First person.
   Customer: TMLB > TLB > TL > TLB > TMLB. N-4. First person.

   It's morning. A swimsuit peddler, in an olive green patterned tanga, is seen from behind as she leans over and organizes her wares (1). Then, from the side, she reaches down and picks up one of her pieces (2), and stands (3) while her prospect strapons the right (4) and left (5) shoulder strap of a red maillot. The peddler shows the prospect a view of herself with the straps worn around the arms. But the prospect is not buying, and strapoffs (6), first of her left wrist, baring first her left breast (7), and then the right one (8, 9). She rolls the front of the maillot down below her navel (10) and briefs (11), and then pulls it down her legs (12, 13) and steps out of it (14). Just as she is completing this action the peddler looks in the direction of the camera and points, while the prospect, now wearing her bikini topless, straightens up, and holds the maillot in hand (15).

   We again pick up on the swimsuit peddlers, last seen at Guadeloupe in 1988 (G8822, G8817A). This peddler is always topless tanga and demonstrates the extreme of costume and venue. She maintains more exposures than the prospect, even when the prospect is at most exposed state. Of all the peddlers only few others (M92356) build upon topless tanga; most of the others build on a topless halfback base (M92353).
   Does the peddler spot the camera, and if so why does she let on to the prospect? Is the action simply instinctive, is she alerting her, or is she advising the prospect that she is being admired by the camera, and thus the smile.
   See maillot and tanga combinations in Maillot Tanga. See more history about topless tanga combination in the Bikini Science News (1995-2000).

   Wildlife. 15 pictures.
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