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Swimsuit Peddler Eight Stays Tangaed

Rock 'n' Roll Beach, Martinique
March Sunday, 1992 M92356

   Blue patterned bandeau and v-kini over black tanga.
   Topless black tanga.
   Patterned bandeau and v-kini over black tanga.
   Topless black tanga.
   Yellow and green maillot tanga over black tanga.
   Topless black tanga.
   Gold bandeau and culotte over black tanga.
   Topless black tanga.
   Maillot over black tanga.
   Necklace and sunglasses throughout.


   This bikini salesman begins a multicolored bandeau and nombril over a black tanga. She doffs the bandeau (1, 2), then, holding her top in her hand, she puts her thumbs in her waistband (3) and doffs her nombril (4); she is now wearing topless tanga (5).
   Now she picks up a new bikini (6) and pulls the culotte up (7), fastens the bandeau around her (8), lifts it up and over her breasts (9), and ties her neck strap in place (10).
   This costume is then stripped back off to topless tanga. This is seen from behind (11) as she dons a yellow and green maillot tanga (12).
   In any respect the maillot tanga comes off and next on is a gold bandeau and culotte. It too is disengaged: the top is backstrap unfastened (13) and doffed (14), and with it still in hand the briefs the thumbed down the buttocks (15), thigh (16), and feet (17). The subject is again topless tanga and holds the gold bikini in hand (18).
   Next a full-bottomed blue maillot is pulled up the legs (19), over the hips (20); as it is nestled into the waist the peddler inserts her hands into her armholes (21) and shoulders first her left strap (22) and then her right one (23).
   Obviously this "attract loop" continues until the peddler acquires a prospect.

   Peddler Eight is the one of four swimsuit peddlers working the Rock'n'Roll Beach, and a little bit older than the others. Most of the other peddlers here wear full bottoms (M92353), although M92351, M92017 at La Salenes, and G8822 at Aberge Beach on Guadeloupe all build upon a topless tanga minimum.
. Unlike G8817A for example, this peddler is not prone to partial changes; she always minimizes her clothing before donning a new costume (whereas G8817A has a tendency to swap her tops, then her bottoms).
   For other details on maillot doff and don over tanga see maillot tanga. And for more details on the evolution of topless tanga consult the Bikini Science News (1995-2000).
   This swimsuit is not unlike what M92554 is wearing and this could well be M92554's source; another possible customer is M92553.

   Wildlife. 23 pictures.
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