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Swimsuit Peddler Two & Guy Changing Over a Topless Tanga

Aberge Beach, Guadeloupe
February 1988 G8822

Peddler: topless and black and white polka-dot tanga, plus a bikini and two different maillots overtop. Earrings. Topknot.
   Her guy assistant: barechested & pants.
   A customer: string halter and sidetie string culotte. Necklaces.

   Peddler: TML doff TMLB doff TMLBA don TMLB doff TMLBA don TL. N-3. Tan lines on buttocks. Inguinal.
   Assistant: TMLC.
   Customer: TML. N-5.

   It is later in the afternoon and a Swimsuit Peddler visits the Aberge Beach. She demonstrates her wares, or perhaps we should say demonstrates her wears, by changing into and out of them. Her basic strip-down is a black and white polka-dot tanga worn topless. To this she first adds a bandeau (1) and then a culotte over the tanga (2), then she walks around the beach with the tag hanging out. She returns to her assistant, doffs the bandeau and the bottoms (3).
   She puts a maillot on partway (4, 5), but takes it back off (6), substituting instead a red maillot, which she briefly holds in front of her (7) before putting her arms through the armholes.
   The peddler is aware of camera and keeps looking at it, possibly concerned it is the police or hotel security, or possibly not wanting to get her picture taken, which would seem strange for a person who actually earns much of her living as a kind of living fashion model. She doffs the red, one shoulder strap at a time (8), and exchanges it with her assistant for a green cutout maillot, which she steps into (9) and strapons, again worrying about being photographed (10).
   The end of the day has driven most of the prospects inside, but one potential customer is inspired to explore her merchandise (11), although not necessarily mimic her actions. That is not always the case.

    This is another encounter with the Swimsuit Peddlers at Guadeloupe. Others include Peddler Two yesterday morning at Aberge Beach (G8817A) and again then again midday on Salako Beach (G8817B). Visit Martinique in 1992 for more detailed documentation and history on this mode of selling (M92017, M92356).
   Also note the relationship to maillot tanga, and to the topless tanga evolution (1995-2000).

   Wildlife. 11 pictures.
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