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Swimsuit Peddler One With a Changing Crowd

Aberge Beach, Guadeloupe
February 1988 G8817A

   Peddler in purple maillot rolldown over tanga. In a black and white tanga topless. A yellow bikini brief worn topless over tanga.
   Customers and prospects costumes include a grey maillot rolldown, a red bikini worn overtop an orange brief, a maillot worn overtop a bikini, and a topless nombril.

   Peddler: maillot (TL), topless tanga (TMLBA), topless bikini (TMLB).
   Prospects: Maillot (TL). Bikini (TML). Maillot rolldown topless (TLB, TMLB). Bikini topless (TMLB).

   A young lady selling bikinis and maillots visits the Aberge Beach this morning. She arrives in a maillot but upon settling in doffs this, briefly establishing she is building upon a black and white tanga.
   The peddler has attracted three or four female prospects who approach her as she dons a yellow bikini brief over the tanga. The prospects are older women, some with daughters, and they are moderately conservative about changing. One prospect tries a maillot on over her bikini, and another a bikini top over a maillot. But not all are so conservative. One rolldowns her maillot (1), leans over the wares (2), squats to finger the merchandise (3), and selects a blue maillot to try on (4). Another in a yellow orange bikini tries a pink and black bikini on over her bikini (5).The Peddler remains topless as another prospect, also in a bikini, adjusts her top and then tries on first a yellow maillot (6), and then a red culotte (7, 8). She is doffing a still different culotte (9) when still another prospect arrives topless to begin with (10) and begins routing through the Peddler's bag (11)
   Throughout this exchange Peddler One remains topless and clad only in the yellow bikini brief worn over her tanga. The reasons for this are hypothesized below.

   The Swimsuit Peddlers thread is of interest because it embodies a full range of changing and costume, and defines social boundaries. It is a popular phenomena on these Caribbean Beaches.
   Swimsuit Peddler One is spotted again tomorrow afternoon on Salako Beach (G8817B), while a different peddler appears to the Aberge Beach late tomorrow afternoon (G8822).
   It is not unusual for the peddler to remain topless through a transaction; this is also common at Martinique, where peddlers even remain topless tanga (M92017, M92356), something not done here. It is theorized that the reason for this is that the peddler establishes a hotter, more permissive envelope of exposure, permitting and enabling the prospect / customer to do likewise. If the peddler were dressed, meaning wearing a full bikini or maillot, the prospect might feel inhibited about changing in public. Even though this is a topless beach, and breasts are everywhere, the venue of toplessness does have constraints which are not entirely defined. The leadership of the peddler liberates the immediate environment for topless changing, and since the beach is topless anyway, and the peddler is changing, then it must be okay for the customer to change also.
   They are also indexed in bikini tanga, topless tanga (1995-2000), and maillot tanga, the latter because they union maillot and tanga in a non-standard way.

   Wildlife. 11 pictures.
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