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Contestant Five USDA Choice

The Candy Store, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
February 1986 FL8607

   White twist top bandeau and flapped Tanga. Heavily tattooed.

   TMLA. N-3. Hairage to the sides of the culotte. buttage.

   One is not initially sure that the girl in the white bikini sitting on the side of the pool (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) is going to be one of the bikini contest Contestants, but it is sure she is a local favorite who has been here before. Here bikini ranks among the smallest at The Candy Store, with a flapped backside that leaves most of the buttocks bare (6, 7), and which reveals a "USDA Choice" tattoo on the right buttocks (8, 9). The tattoo (and the buttocks) are also conspicuously displays when she squats (10), stands up (111) and walks around the pool to socialize (12, 13). The tattoo on her butt continues to intrigue the crowd (14, 15) as does others on her left shoulder (16). Part of this reconnoiter involves inquiring about enrolling in today's contest (17), much to the delight of her fans, and somewhat to the fear of her competitors, who are not necessarily prepared to match her stridency.
   Time still for a little performance, so Ms. Choice splashes around in an inner tube in the pool (18, 19), and indulges a guy on her chest (20). She gets out and returns to sit at the edge of the pool (21) next to a muscle-hunk who no doubt volunteers to serve as her personal bodyguard (22). She glosses her lips.
   Then it's back across the poolside to join the contest (23, 24), and reemerge on the stage in front of the famous sign (25, 26). As Contestant Five she crosses her hands (27), but then rests her hands on her hips (28) and revealing her entire front side, with an intricate tattoo around her navel (29, 30). Her brief is so narrow in the front that hairage is displayed to the side of the pubis (31).
   Five turns and exits the stage (32), and she makes it to the semi-finals.

   Ft. Lauderdale is a place for the truly brazen to come out, and come out they do. The girls continue to run bandeaux and this one maximizes buttage, if it can still even be called that.
   The first tangas appear at Ft. Lauderdale this year, stealth-like here in this bikini contest, at a hotel pool a few blocks away (FL8601), and even on the main beach (FL8613).
   Here at The Candy Store tanga provides an edge over the halfback the previous contestant paraded (FL8606), as well as the sidestrapped worn by the next (FL8608).
   The momentum of buttage, as seen in this leading indicator toward tanga, is a late 1980s phenomenon (1985-1990).

   Wildlife. 32 pictures.
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