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Contestant Four Pink Bandeau and Twist Side Halfback

The Candy Store, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
February 1986 FL8606

   Bright pink with green trim front-gather bandeau and twisted/rolled sidestrap v-kini.

   TML. N-4 > N-5. Buttage.

   One gets the idea that Four has been here before and has come prepared, complete with headband (1). The stomach and v-kini are perfectly married (2) and in the lineup she stretches the waistline (3). But it is to no avail because she fails to survive also.

   The run of bandeau continues from the previous Contestant Three (FL8605) to the next (FL8607), who also appears familiar to the crowd.
   Skuttelbut has it that many of the gals out on the street on the beach also participate in the Bikini Contest from time to time.

   Wildlife. 3 pictures.
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