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Lisa Taylor & Jerry Hall Maillot Tanga

Miami Beach, Florida
1975 HN7501

   Lisa Taylor: Rudi Gernreich black maillot tanga.
   Jerry Hall: Rudi Gernreich black maillot tanga.
   Costume has string halter straps torquing down across the sides of the breasts toward the very high-cut waistline.
   Helmut Newton: Nombril briefs.

   TLA or TMLA (not only are the buttocks but the full back is bare). Both subjects' tan lines demonstrate that this is their first tanga outing, evidenced by white to the sides of the suit in the front and, from behind, white buttocks.
   Newton: TLMC. N-2.

   Two models, Lisa Taylor and Jerry Hall, mock struggle on beach, pulling hair and pushing apart (1). The subjects pose dominant and submissive on the sand, both with their legs apart and we may observe the legline well above the crest of the ileum and a narrow front lying well inside inguinal, possibly leaking hair (2). Eventually the victor lies on her back, demonstrating all possible side cleavage as well (3).
   They move to what is either the side of a pool or a curb and lie on their bellies, a truck is parked nearby, as if caught, with one looking back over her shoulder first person, and the other with postured annoyance (4). Then, shot from the opposite cross angle, one of them stands and holds her towel behind her with her arms in surrender position while the other continues to lie on her belly (5). Finally, they pose for a self-portrait of their photographer, Helmut Newton, one with their front to the camera and the other with their behind, all hugging together (6). Historical tan lines are visible.

   Photographer Helmut Newton, swimsuit designer Rudi Gernreich, Lisa Taylor and Jerry Hall combine costume, locations, and actions together to cast down a set of ideas, relationships, possible narratives in a fashion spread that appears in Vogue. Perhaps other readers/viewers might construct different description of what they see here. That is why the work is art, they is why it is educational, that is how it tells us about ourselves. Newton knows how to stage picture to evoke candid actions, and knows how to put a spin on the look that model makes to the voyeur.
   Designer Rudi Gernreich, here at the very beginning, has already cast the tanga bikini silhouette (RG7410). Here he casts not the initial (e.g. PB6501), but the ultimate maillot tanga legline. And also for men (RG7910).
Vogue makes another foray with maillot tanga next year (FV7601), but then it vanishes from its pages, and does not reappear until Kelly LeBrock braves it in 1980 (V8001).

   Shot by Helmut Newton for Vogue. These photos have appeared in many places including Helmut Newton, World Without Men, Xavier Moreau Inc., 437 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10022, 1984; "Newton aqnd Friends in Miami," Penthouse Photo World#1, 1976, p. 36; American Vogue, 1975 (referenced by book). 6 pictures.
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