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Hooded Maillot Tanga

Ocean Beach, Europe
1976 FV7601

   Barbieri design for Alvear. Burlap colored hooded maillot tanga. Scarf. Goggles. Knife and fish.

   LA. (Which is extremely unusual).

   One of the very first maillot tanga to appear in Vogue, this subject compensates for her newfound exposure by hooding her head, goggling the eyes, donning gloves, and facing away from us and slightly leaning over, she pivots around, swirling her scarf or dress up, and grasps a knife in her left hand and a fish in her right (1).

   This is an example of the open up/cover up fashion theme done very richly: Not only does the subject hide her face in the hood, but she aggresses with the knife and dead fish. The goggles are mysterious and may be interpreted to provide either enhanced vision, or blindfoldness. Compare to Helmut Newton's treatment of maillot tanga last year (HN7501), and to American Vogue's treatment four years hence (V8001), where a tanga subject is pampered by waiters.

   French Vogue, 1976, reproduced in Christina Probert, Swimwear in Vogue, Abbeville Press, New York, 1981, p. 82. 1 picture.