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Ms. Underwater First Playboy Maillot Tanga

Underwater in Swimming Pool
November 1965 PB6501

   She: Bill Miller blue strapped maillot tanga ($20).
   He: Brown: stretch trunks.

   She: TMLA.
   He: TMLC.

   A couple in a pool are shot from underwater; possibly they are kissing. He holds her around the waist and she holds his neck. Both heads are out of the water. Her behind is presented to the camera (1).
   Playboy reports, "For barefoot beachmates, whose cheeks are still banned on public strands, there's this bottomless blue bathing suit for secluded swims."

   This very rare and prescient maillot tanga is part of editorial on bazaar costume, inspired by the likes of Gernreich's topless maillot, the no-bra, bralessness, crochet, and general late 1960s hippy and progressive influence. Indeed, few maillot tangas get tried on during the next 20 years (see HN7501 for a pivotal moment).

   "The Nude Look," Playboy, November, 1965. 1 picture.