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Kelly LeBrock Vogue's Maillot Tanga

Poolside and in Vogue
October 1980 V8001

   Green strapless maillot tanga.


   A 20-year-old bare-bottomed Kelly LeBrock lies on her stomach poolside, while attended to by three waiters in full dress (1).

   Vogue re-introduces the maillot tanga, but note the support it gets! This is not some poor girl out with her bare butt in the surf, this is a member of the papered leisure class. Tanga is endorsed for those aloof to their attendants.
   It has been half a decade since Vogue first introduced maillot tanga (HN7501, FV7601), and although they will introduce topless g-string next year (V8106), they will not show maillot tanga again until 1987 (V8701). These plays are very related to plays in culotte tanga.

Allison Leopold, "Water, the Key Element," Vogue, October, 1980. Photo by Denis Piel. Also published in "Denis Piel," Photo, September 1983, p.71. Model attributation is via Celebrity
Sleuth, Vol. 8, #5, 1995, p. 33. 1 picture.