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Raquel Welch Bikini Underwear

Studio setting, prob. Hollywood, CA
c. 1967 RW196720

   Dark red front-fasten underwire bra and nombril underwear.

   TML. N-4.

   Raquel poses with a spotlight in front of seamless for a classic pinup shot (1). A different pose (2). Her arm up (3), and in color (4).

   The underwear silhouette resembles bikini silhouette, with exposures not unlike those seen in Fathom (RW196710) and in the sophisticated purple bikini poses (RW196730).
   But if Raquel is in the studio, Europeans like Ursula Andress are prepared to wear their lingerie on the beach (UA6610).

   Publicity stills collected from black and white prints, from books, and the internet. Original source unknown. Date is estimation. 4 pictures.
RW19672010.JPG RW19672020.JPG
RW19672030.JPG RW19672040.JPG