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Raquel Welch Wet Yellow Bikini

1967 RW196710

   Yellow string halter and nombril bikini. Wet.

   TML. N-3.

   Raquel emerges from the water wearing a soaking-wet bikini in a famous publicity still from the movie Fanthom (1). More casual shots in yellow bikini show Raquel playing in the water (2). The string neck tie is matched by a string backtie (3). Raquel has wet hair (4) as she walks out of the the water (5, 6) and strikes a studied standing pose (7). She stands by a motorboat (8) and in it (9). Never out of her bikini she stands on a dock (10), reclines in a boat (11), and, once inside, casts her shirt offshoulders (12).
   Two other depictions in the yellow bikini catch what appears to be a more mature Raquel with longer hair, fuller breasts and a wider waistline (13). One of these is an autographed publicity picture (14).

   Bikinis are Raquel's thing, although she is occasionally spotted in a maillot (RW196610), or in lingerie with a bikini silhouette (RW196720).
   Bikiniites emerging from the water are a theme of the 1960s. Compare this one of Ms. Welch's chief European competitors (UA6310).

    Publicity stills from Fanthom, Twentieth-Century Fox, 1967, collected from Steven Sally and various Internet sites, including tripod.com, netcolony.com, and the boomis web ring. 14 pictures.
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