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Raquel Welch Purple BIkini

Shallow water and porch, studio
c. 1967 RW196730

   Purple string halter and nombril.

   TML. N-3.

   Raquel lies back in shallow waer, her hair wet, her breasts up, her belly slightly twisted (1). A closeup of her head (2). She lies on a sunlit deck, standing above her (3) and below her feet (4).
   The same bikini in a studio, with a cushion and blue seamless (5), and with a more first person pose (6).

   This bikini is markedly similar to other mid-1960s silhouettes in blue, white, and yellow, lending credence to the rumor that Raquel's bikinis are custom-made to fit her. The formula is a cross-your-heart suspension, darts in the cups, string straps, and a nombril brief. This is a softer foundation than the uplift underwire of her contemporary lingerie costume (RW196720), and it remains for the future for her to adopted the more reduced foundations that are evolving at this time (RW196810).

   Publicity stills collected from the internet. Original source unknown. Date is estimation. 6 pictures.
RW19673010.JPG RW19673020.JPG RW19673050.JPG
RW19673060.JPG RW19673030.JPG RW19673060.JPG