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Raquel Welch The White Bikini

c. 1965 RW196520

   White string halter and nombril.

   TML. N-4. Armpits.

   The white bikini is one of Welch's more famous publicity stills (1). Note the underside cleavage (2, 3), and the hourglass shape of Raquel's body (4, 5). She sits down by an indoor pool (6).

   This particular silhouette, which first emerges in the film A Swinging' Summer (RW196510), dominates Raquel's costumes throughout the mid-1960s. But it is the cave girl bikini that will accelerate Raquel to world recognition (RW196605) establish the bikini as her costume.

    Publicity pictures collected from the Internet, 2001. 6 pictures.
RW19652010.JPG RW19652020.JPG RW19652030.JPG
RW19652040.JPG RW19652050.JPG RW19652060.JPG