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Raquel Welch Cave Girl Bikini

Prehistoric set, Hollywood, California
1966 RW196605

   Chamois skin leather bra and loincloth nombril bikini. Skin boots.

   TML. N-3. Cleavage.

   Raquel stands with her legs and arms away from her body (1, 2). She raises one arm (3), and hold her spear in hand (4). Her caveman stands behind her (5).
   Much has been written about the Cave Girl bikini:
   For many, it is the symbol of the first bikini--a barely Eve emerging from Eden, modest but revealing. But it is an Eden in an arid region, with the cave girl high on rocks (6).
   Feminists have argued whether it is a symbol of the explotation of women, or a symbol or strength. High above the arid plateau the cave girl prepares to strike (7), then she reclines (8), sits on the ledge (9), crawls down (10), and looks you in the eye (11).
   Raquel has commented on the matter also, dealing with the progmatics. "Between takes I took out some scissors, snipped away at the costume, and just kept on snipping. It was also shrinking because of the continual soaking in the sea. There wasn't much to begin with and I really had to watch it to keep it on at all."

   This is a very different bikini that Raquel's recent constructed success (RW196520). Off-set Raquel also gets her hair wet (RW196610).

   Publicity stills for the movie, One Million Years B.C., 20th Century-Fox, 1966. Collected from various sources. 11 pictures.
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