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Raquel Welch A Swingin' Summer

c. 1965 RW196510

   Blue string halter and nombril.

   TML. N-3. Armpits.

   The film A Swingin' Summer is sometimes billed as Raquel's first staring role (1). It is produced during the golden era of beach movies, but with a European attitude. Raquel wears glasses and has her hair in a bun (2), although it does get wet (3). The standing, hair-down-to-the shoulders publicity pose pretty much says it all, and casts the silhoutte of the mid-1960s (4). Note the criss-cross supports at the xiphoid (5)

   Raquel's sensational white bikini pinup (RW196420) establish the bikini as her costume.
   This particular silhouette dominates Raquel's costumes throughout the mid-1960s (RW196520).

   Publicity pictures collected from the Internet, 2001. 5 pictures.
RW19651010.JPG RW19651020.JPG RW19651030.JPG
RW19651040.JPG RW19651050.JPG