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Raquel Welch White Studio Bikini

Studio seamless
c. 1964 RW196420

   White bra and nombril. Red and purple towel.

   TML. N-3. Armpits.

   A twenty-something Raquel Welch poses before studio seamless and shows off her famous belly button (1). The picture first appears in Life and the following year makes the cover of Stern magazine in Germany (2). The glamour pinup does much to call attention to its curvy young star. Other poses include a sideways look (3), and pose against black (4).

   Raquel converts from modeling maillots and bare midriff outfits (RW196310) to modeling bikinis. Raquel's romance with the bikini very much follows its progression during the 1960s, and she will lower her waistline consistantly (RW196510).

   Phbotographer unknown. Publihsed in Life, 1964, cover Stern 1965. Collected from the Internet and other sources. 4 pictures.
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