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Christie Brinkley Tangas in a Maillot G-string

Captiva Beach, Florida
February 1981 CB8101

   Norma Kamali for OMO patterned x-back Maillot g-string. Basically, this contraption is threading nightmare that decomposes to an x-back halter and a g-string which rises to fasten to the side halter string. This implies that it incorporates a single piece of fabric in the front that covers the breasts and descents, or is connected to, a patch over the pubis and crotch. Price $75.

   TMLA. Buttage. Rugage.

   Once again Brinkley sits, this time with her bare buttocks on the sand just at the edge of the waves, and seen from behind (1).
   The x-back and the g-strings form a diamond center back.

   String comes to maillot with vengeance; here the x-back and g-string form a diamond-centered back. Compare this most unusual silhouette to Pia Zadora next year (PZ8201).
   This is the third bare-butted appearance in Sports Illustrated by Christie Brinkley since she introduced tanga in the magazine six years ago (CB7501). Her second and her most recent display was last year (CB8001). Again, note the partial censorship of the buttocks by natural substances, a situation corrected in CB8401.

   Photo by John Zimmerman. Annual Swimsuit Issue, Sports Illustrated, February 1981. 1 picture.