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Christie Brinkley Sports Illustrated Introduces the Tanga

Cancun, Mexico
February 1975 CB7501

   Giorgio Di Sant' Angelo red and orange x-back ring top and ring back tanga. Notice how the rings at the sides of the top resonate with ring at the center back of the tanga. Price $60.

   TMLA. Tan lines.

   A young Christie Brinkley frollicks in surf, which partially covers her buttocks (1).

   This is the first tanga presented in the annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and one of the first tanga in mass, general circulation media. A 20 year-old Christie Brinkley goes one step beyond the normal line...and debuts a career.
   In short order Brinkley will become one of America's favorite swimsuit models. But will not model tanga again in Sports Illustrated until five years later (CB8001); in the year following she will premier maillot tanga in that magazine (CB8101).
   See how rings play in tanga in the 1990s (JE9376).

   Annual Swimsuit Issue, Sports Illustrated, February, 1975. 1 picture.