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Pia Zadora Tangas at Cannes

Pool at Cannes Film Festival, France
May 1982 PZ8201

   Black string strap maillot g-string.

   Subject is TLA. June Newsweek shows TL. December Newsweek displays LA.

   Newsweek, in its June 7 issue, shows a picture of "the elusive micro-starlet practicing her wading," and irked, she "turned her back on the madly clicking hordes." Newsweek provides us with a "rare head-on shot" (1), which shows us how much courage Newsweek possesses!
    But come December 27, the publication recants, and in a 1 by 2" window finally delivers the backside goods (2).
   In another shot she is surrounded by photographers and the curious (3), and in still another shot she poses astride a motorcycle, pulling her shoulder strap away from her (4).
   A photograph of a poster of this costume in a poster store (5).

   A lesson in how tanga advances into mass media.
   As for Pia Zadora, she is to starlets what Christie Brinkley is to swimsuit models; compare this to Brinkley's maillot g-string the previous year (CB8101). And like Brinkly, Zadora will also model tanga bikini, except Pia will wear it in public (PZ8202).
   To get an idea of just how far ahead of the pack Pia really is, just compare her to the Fords in 1982 or 1983, a few of whom have discovered string bikinis.
   For another early maillot tanga adoptor see Barbara Carrera (BC8301). As forNewsweek, they wait four more years before introducing the tanga bikini (N8602).
   For more on the evolution of tanga by the media read the Bikini Science Times (1990-1995).

   Collected from various sources.
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