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Annette Kellerman Halter and Bare Midriff

c. 1917 AK1L50

   Fancy bra and skirted pantaloons. Low heels. Bird.

   TM. N-3.

   Kellerman, dressed in a harem/Egyptian/South Sea costume converses with a bird (1). The bird suggests an Egyptian motif, although metaphors in this period do get blended. This is a rare bare-midriff Kellerman, and one with a "low rise" waistline that diamonds the navel (2). With the border (3).

   Details on this picture are unknown although it could be a movie publicity still in which Kellerman plays one of her Queenly roles. It is not her only bare belly (AK1620), but it is a different context, one popular of the late 1910s. But Kellerman will continue to play mermaids (AK1850).

   One source, artgallery.sa.gov.au, estimates it to be 1915. Collection of Screensound Australia, downloaded Internet, 2006. The postcard is from flickr bobster1985, 2009. Possibly this is the character Shona Royale in Venus of the South Seas, Hollywood, 1924. 3 pictures.
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