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Annette Kellerman Do the Watussi?

1916 AK1620

   Front gather bandeau and nombril skirt, possibly tied atop panties.

   TML. N-3. Armpit.

   Authors Evenhuis and Landau use the term "challenge the Establishment" to describe Kellerman's "skimpy costumes" and nude movie work. If indeed this is a still from A Daughter of the Gods it captures the actress either dancing or in the middle of an exercise routine (1).

   This picture is credited to A Daughter of the Gods but Kellerman is missing her long locks and tranquillity (AK1610). Exercise or dance, with a tight belly and scooped waistline Kellerman portrays a degree of sexual aggression with midriff that is timelessly hot but only comes to Hollywood in the late 1910s. And this is not Kellerman's only bare-midriff top (AK1L50).

   Attributed to A Daughter of the Gods, Fox Film Corporation, 1916 by Frans Evenhuis and Robert Landau, Hollywood Poolside, Angel City Press, Santa Monica, CA, 1997. 1 picture.