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Annette Kellerman Queen of the Sea

1918 AK1850

   Kellerman: Center-tie halter and fin-dress. Headdress. [Possibly a center tie haltered fin-dress.]
   Irvine: diaphenous butterfly minidress.
   Long: Animal hide.

   Kellerman: TM. [Possibly T with gauze.] Armpit.
   Irvine: T > TL.
   Long: L.

   Merrilla, the Queen of the Sea looks around some rocks. The mermaid's strapless barely contains her (1). Nice fins. Walter Long towers over Queen Kellerman--looking a lot like a mermaid out of water (2). In another scene Kellerman consoles Hugh Thompson from behind, while a winged Beth Irvine, wearing her strapless knee-baring minidress, waves her wand (3).

   Following A Daughter of the Gods Kellerman bares her belly and continues to play mythic royalty (AK1L50). In the years ahead she will continue to make aquatic movies, write books and advocate women's rights. Ironically, an event will occur in 1943 that will return to these days (AK1350).

   Queen of the Sea, movie, 1918. .40 and .60 from Daniel Blum, A Pictorial History of the Silent Screen, G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York, 1953, p. 160. .20 collected Internet, 2006. 3 pictures.
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