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Sisters in the Afternoon Topless at the Pool

St. Tropez Hotel Pool, St. Maartin
February 1988 SM8820B

    SM8820S1 (Sister One): Yellow front fasten shirt and ankle-length dress over diamond-pattern pink, purple, yellow, and green maillot rolldown. Same rolled down to topless maillot tanga, or more correctly perhaps, to topless tanga.
   SM8820S2 (Sister Two): Jeans over blue-green maillot rolldown; same de roulè.
   SM8820M (Mother): Yellow maillot rolldown.
   SM8820F (Father): Nombril bikini briefs.

   SM8820S1: T > TM > TMLB > TMLBA.
   SM9902S2: T > TL > TMLB. N-1. Inguinal.
   SM8820M: TL > TMLBA.
   SM8820F: L > TMLC.

   Mother and Father arrive. Father quickly looses his shirt and Mother rolls down her yellow maillot and tangas it before even lying down. Throughout the afternoon she remains topless and alternates her bottom between covered and bare--covered whenever she is moving and bare whenever she is lying on her towel. She swims occasionally, watches people through binoculars, and talks with her kids.
   Sister Two arrives wearing jeans over a very high legline blue maillot, exactly the way she left the beach this morning. Now, reversing her previous action, she doffs the jeans, extracts herself (1), and stands. Her right breast lies partly exposed to the side (2) and she leans over and shows cleavage down her front as she spreads out her towel. She exits to the ocean to go swimming.
   She returns wet. She stands next to her chair and, in a blur, strapoffs left and right (3) and rolls her maillot down (4). She stops one inch below her belly button (N-1) and rolls the suit together into the legline, which narrows the sides and straightens the silhouette (5). Then she straddles her beach chair, nipples erect, legs open, leans back (6), and sits down, straddling the chair with her crotch open. She lies back (7), stretches (8), and reaches down to her right to pick up her suntan lotion (9). She squirts the lotion onto her hand (10) and lotions herself on her shoulders (11), chest (12), and breasts and nipples (13). She reclines back into her chair (14).
   Sister Two arrives in her multicolored maillot, apparently left her street clothes behind somewhere. Two sits and promptly strapoffs (15), first off her left shoulder baring one breast (16), and then both (17), rolling the maillot down and gathering it below navel (18).
   Thus toplessed, she precedes to the ocean to go swimming, and demonstrates a modest range of venue. She returns wet, sits, and reaches for her towel (19). She wrings the water out of the side of her suit and towels herself off. She puts her hair up. She squares herself up in the chair (20) and then lotions herself (21). It is the first lotion of the PM.
   It is time to suntan her back. She rolls onto her stomach, reaches around to grab her maillot behind her (22) and rolls the bottoms into her posterior rugae (23). She stays tangaed behind even when she rolls onto her side (24) and sits up, but she recovers her butt before walking back to the water, even though she stays topless.

   This is second of two parts on these subjects; their previous appearance was down by the ocean this morning (SM8820A).
   The elder sister's maillot topless tanga represents the extreme beach exposure, and in this regard she out-matches her sister (who also lies on her belly and side but who never tangas her maillot de roulè), and equivalences Mom (who does). There are very few women at the St. Tropez Hotel, or at the other hotels, who wear topless tanga at all, and only a few of those who do actually walk around in them (SM8854 wears a topless adjustable, SM8813 in fact commits to a topless g-string).
   You can also find topless maillot tanga rarities at G8835, C8986, and M92554.

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