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Tanned Tangaite Maillot Rolldown Tanga

Callinago Beach, Guadeloupe
February 1988 G8835

   Green maillot rolldown, de roulè to topless maillot tanga.

   TMLBA. Rugage, buttage.

   It is approaching evening. An older subject lies on her side in a beach chair and is observed from behind (1). She is wearing a green maillot which has not only been rolled down but also rolled into tanga. It rides on the center of her buttocks, rugaged and buttaged.

   This is one of the few tangas recorded at Guadeloupe this year, and one of the very few maillots which has both rolled down and tangaed. For other variations of this phenomena you must travel to other locations (SM8820B, C8986, M92554).
   The emergence of the topless tanga is discussed in Bikini Science Times (1985-1990 and 1995-2000).

   Wildlife. 1 picture.