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Contestant Seven? Tri-string Half-Diamond

The Candy Store, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
February 1986 FL8609

    Green and black bandeau and strapped half-diamond-head v-kini.

   TML. N-4. Underbreast cleavage.

   Two guy friends counsel a young lady sitting on a table (1) about participating in the bikini contest. They think she has a good shot at it, but she's not so sure she wants to be seen. She is certainly properly attired (2), and has unusual tri-string details on the side of her bandeau and the front of her v-kini (3). But the last contestant (FL8608) is about to finish so she must decide quick.
   But her friends are on the lookout for something (4, 5), and even the young lady appears nervous (6). The news is not good (7), and she must look for herself (8), a view which shows the bikini off superbly. But what a worried face as she gets her bag and high-tails it out (9).
   She tosses over her shoulder to the suitors. "I'll be back tomorrow," she says to them, "and I'll bring my heels with me."

   And so Seven is never a contestant after all, at least not today, although the street is rewarded with her tri-string.
   Today's Bikini Contest does produce a winner however, who just happens to be the very first contestant (FL8603).

   Wildlife. 9 pictures.
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