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Contestant One Pink V-kini Halfback

The Candy Store, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
February 1986 FL8603

   Pink string halter and sidetie string v-kini. The center-seam and the stretchy horizontal lines cast into the front help form the v-kini silhouette. Nice beads on the ends of the ties...but wait, is the sidetie string real, or is it a decoration, a faux?

   TML. N-3. Inguinal. Buttage.

   Bikini Contest preparation begins with the thought ahead of time, while sitting on a pool chair perhaps (1). Did she make the decision before, or just this afternoon (2)? Maybe the answer will emerge.
   Once the contest gets rolling each bikiniite is escorted by a strong male-type to the stage --you can see him just exiting the picture to the left (3) as the young lass then marches across the stage and is presented (4). She leans forward (5) as she prepares to descend off stage left (camera right) (6).
   At this stage the second contestant (FL8604) presents, and in general the venue follows Bikini Contests outline.
   The contestants now return in mass for a series of eliminations (7), and here we track the pink favorite as she works her bikini briefs with tugs (8) and backsides (9).
   After it's over she gets a hug (10) and a touch (11) from a boyfriend, and heads to the bar (12), still bikini clad of course, to celebrate her success with her fans (13).

   You can get more on the general flow at The Candy Store as well as all the participants at Bikini Contests. You can also go to the beach overview for a wider local view, including some subjects who elected not to participate today (e.g. FL8609)

   Wildlife. 14 pictures.
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