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Ms. Aqua Strapless Maillot All Tied Together

Fire Island, New York
September 1983 FI8308

   Aqua blue strapless string tie maillot sarong. Necklace, earrings, finger rings.


   This beachgoer stands with her fingers on her thigh (1).

   This is a unique suit and is subject to different interpretations. At the top, the back string tie passés through a casing at the side of the breasts and forms a double strand where it is tied center back. The bottom of the suit forms through the crotch in the manner of a sarong, but the back ties to the bottom front with a sidetie, rather than a more traditional sarong closure of joining and tying in front (e.g., FI8310). This variation resonates with the sidetie string bikini of the late 1970s vestige. Finally, it can be argued that this is an example of a maillot cutout, although the maturing of the dynamics and tying do not make this a compelling argument.

   Wildlife. 1 picture.