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Ms. Restful Maillot Inguinal

Fire Island, New York
September 1983 FI8306

   Yellow scoup neck tank high-legline maillot. Sunglasses, necklace, bracelet.

   TL. Cleavage centros. Xiphoid. Inguinal. Probably cheeky.

   The subject stands with her hands on her hips, the ocean behind her. She wears an extremely advanced maillot, with deep U cleavage which dips to her xiphoid, and very high legline which cuts inside inguinal and around and above the iliac crest (1). Her hair to the side of the pelvis appears depilated. The material is thin and the suit is partly wet.

   This is an advanced signal about how the rising legline of the v-kini may be applied to maillot. The crotch is very narrow, the legline very high, and the buttocks are going into display.

   Wildlife. 1 picture.