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Ms. Veed V-Neck Wrap Maillot

Fire Island, New York
September 1983 FI8310

   Black and red haltered v-neck backless maillot sarong.

   TL (officio). TML (practico). Cleavage centros. Cleavage côté. Backage. Navelage?

   Ms. Veed heads east, walking in the edge of the surf (1).

   The front of this maillot strikes a deep V almost to the navel, and sports a backline forward of the arms and on the sides of the breasts. The bottom follows a v-motif also, exposing the sides of the hips. The tensioning follows that of a wrap maillot, with the behind wrapping around the front, and interacting with the inverted apex of cleavage.
   Compare especially to FI8308 for tensioning, and to FI8823 for side cleavage.

   Wildlife. 1 picture.