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Ms. Long Blonde Bikini Contest Watcher Wears Her Own Tanga

Coconuts, Cocoa Beach, FL
March 20, 1993 CB9360

   Red and black pattern on yellow string halter and sidestrapped tanga.

   TMLA. Cleavage. N-3. Inguinal.

   A long blonde arrives at Coconuts wearing a tanga (1). She tugs the sides of her tanga up (2) as she walks to a spot on the beach and lays her towel out (3). She sits (4, 5), and then lies on her belly (6, 7).
   Just prior to the bikini contest she comes up to the bar and sits on the railing to watch (8). She doesn't enter, but perhaps contemplates it (9).
   When the contest is over she returns to the beach, sits on her cooler (10), and then gathers up her boom box and heads home (11). She retires as she arrived and as she stays, tangaed all the way back toward her car and the streets of Cocoa Beach (12).

   Ms. Long Blonde joins a small cadre of tangaites who never cover up their bikini. She arrives in her tanga, wears it throughout the day, and does not cover it up when this long ranger hikes back to her car. Because the exposure is both continual and across a wide venue, some correspondents would rank this highly erotic. Her few peers at Cocoa include CB9113-14 and CB9106.

   Wildlife. 12 pictures.
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