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Ms. G-string & Ms. Tanga Take to the Street

Cocoa Beach, Florida
April 1991 CB9113-14

   Red halter and g-string with belly chain.
   Daughter or sister in floral halter and flapped tanga.


   This pair sit on the beach (1). It is late afternoon when they stand, lean over and pick up their towels (2), and turn and head up-beach and inland (3). The twosome, still wearing only their tangas, then exit the beach up past Coconuts (4), and walk down the street to their car (5). Boy does this twist some heads!

   The brevity of these two costumes plus the expansion of venue make them a very hot pair. By the way, this is the only g-string at Cocoa today. And somehow it is this smallest g-string that travels the widest venue. When the venue of the bikini extends significantly off the beach Bikini Science considers this an exploit to what is called High Beach. This long ranger pair is not exclusive, but their fellow explorers are few in number (e.g., CB9106, CB9360).

   Wildlife. 5 pictures.
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