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Ms. Tanga Long Ranger On the Fringe

Cocoa Beach, Florida
April 11, 1991 CB9106

   Pink fringe halter and fringe tanga.
   Boyfriend barechested with yellow trunks.


   This lass and her boyfriend hang out below Coconuts in full display (1). On her back you can view her the dangles on her halter (2) and her open legs (3), on her side one can observe the dangles on the waist of her tanga (4, 5, 5, 7). The waistline of the tanga in the front follows a v-kini scoup (8).
   Later that afternoon the couple stand (9), pack up (10), and walk from beach to main street (11), cooler and towel in hand, and disappear in between buildings (12).

   This tangaite and a few others (CB9113-14, CB9360) will set the limits of venturing into the streets of Cocoa Beach wearing only their tangas or g-strings. These all qualify as long rangers exploring High Beach.

   Wildlife. 12 pictures.
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