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Nippage Defined
   Nippage is the intermittent exposure of one or both nipples, either by flashing them temporarily (RV7976), or placing them into more continuous view. A synonym is the term nipple peeks. Nippage is advanced cleavage, but it is not breastage. It obviously is related to areolage.
   Fashion lines help to bound nippage. Nippage may occur as the result of décolletage neckline, cleavage centros, oversize armholes, or a too-high cutoff line.
   The exposure code for nippage is B, the same as for the whole breast.

Nippage Practice
   Nippage may involve see-through, intermittent décollegete, rapidly moving armholes, stretching up in croptops, demi-halters (JE9010), demi-bras, cutouts, and leanovers. It is often accidental (SY7110).
   Nipple exposures and may or may not involve hand play, but they often represent a hands-free, aloof en passant revelation, and not necessarily deliberate, possibly the case with this "carefully" retied halter top (FL8612). Or she might know so but not care, again, providing a does-she-or-doesn't-she moment.
   The skilled nipple flasher is able to introduce an erotic part of the body in an otherwise topped environs. This is performed with pretension of the bikiniite not knowing she nipslipped, or very knowing of having an accident (UDA450). Both convey all the attendant benefits of attention. The exposure may be fleeting (FL87GA), or persistant, or contrite (PB87SE). A good example is the suntanning woman who lies on her belly with her backstrap untied or her maillot rolled down and who decides to lift up and take her bearings (KW8605). The voyeur, who has been grasping the possibilities, may well think he is the catcher, when in fact he is the victim. An opposite condition can exist when a bikiniite practices nippage in a topless environment--in this situation they are briefly rising into the strata of the norm, but then reducing again (e.g., G8848), or they remain partly exposed (G8866).

Nippage Variations
   A formal study of nippage and its relationship to areolage include a set of obvious situations:
   One vector includes the relationship of full and partial nippage to areolage.
   There is the situation of nippage without areolage (JD89LD,).
   There is the issue of one nipple or both.
   There is the theme of the changing viewing line, for example nippage produced by the movement of the subject, vs. the more static consistent exposure.
   Finally, nippage can involve an erotic embrace of a nipple already fully exposed (G8812-13).

Male Nippage
   Although we don't consider it in the 21st Century, there was a time when male nipples were covered. During the 1920s men challenged this exposure, wearing swimsuits that allowed nipples to be viewed from the side (CU2150) or when leaning over. By the 1930s the male nipple became completely bared.

Exposures of the nipple are the subject of this exposure.
RV7976 nippage
Fashion Lines
Fashion Lines
Exposure Codes
Exposure Codes
JE9010 nippage
SY7110 nippage
FL8612 nippage
UDA450 nippage
FL87GA nippage
PB87SE nippage
G8848 nippage
G8866 nippage
JD89LD nippage
G8812-13 nippage
CU2150 nippage