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Pasty Combinations with and without Culotte

Illustration Diagram
c. 1989 BSD8868

   Pasties and culotte. Single pasty left and right and culotte. Topless culotte. Same bottomless which includes nude.

   TMLA. TMLBA (one bare breast) TMLBA.
TMLAP. TMLBAP (one bare breast) TMLBAP.

   This figure illustrated the combinations of a symmetrical garment, in this case a pasty applied to both, one, or no breasts. The action can be though of a line, but it cal also be thought of as a two by two table (1), where the left column represents the left pasty and where the top row represents the right. The matrix produces the result of this graphical "calculation," comparison or what you want to call it. A comparison matrix. And in (), the pasties comparison matrix is presented twice, once with a culotte (above) and once without.

   Once again, evening trying to cast out an idea the idea resists. The sexuality of the nipples and their bi-symmetrical presentation is complicated by the richness of the pubis itself. This seems to be a pretty practical formation.
   another might be to simply consider the bikini as a top and bottom. That matrix also has four structural possibilities (bikini, topless, bottomless, nude) but because there are so many different kinds of bikinis, something we call silhouettes (), or silhouette formation.
   To see how pasties can do a little mix up with the halfbras click here (BSD8867), and from there you see how they mix up with maillot halftops (BSD8866).
   See also JD89E, JE9022.

   Bikini Science 1 picture.