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Halfbra Combinations with & without Culotte

Illustration Diagram
c. 1989 BSD8867

   Halfbras together, with pasties and solo. With and without culotte.

   TML > TMLB (one bare breast).
   TMLAP/ TMLBAP (one bare breast).

   This structural matrix (1) illuminates a cross-tabulation of left and right halfbra. The variations of with and without a culotte, or some kind of bottoms, tease out all of the structural possibilities.

      This table interlocks somehow with the Maillot Halftop & Halfbra Combinations Table (BSD8866); this matrix leaps from the one-pieceness of the maillot toward bikini variations.
   As with the Maillot Halftop Table (BSD8866) this structure is complicated by by pasty and may be more squared by eliminating the center row.
   And,as with BSD8866 this may also be reduced to a two by two where one of the cells oscillates the two halfbras worn together, two cells feature the model wearing just one, and one cell which features the model with either a full topless or noting at all, corresponding to the top or the bottom table.
   From here one must hop to the Pasty Combinations Table. where we tickle the essence out of an erogenous triangle (BSD8868).
   See also JD89E, JE9022.

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