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Maillot Halftop & Halfbra Combinations Table

Illustration Diagram
c. 1989 BSD8866

   Maillot halftops, halfbra, pasties, and half-topless.

   TL. TMB.

   The maillot halftop is naturally mated to a halfbra of the opposite side; the second row here illustrates the two variations of this (1 row two).
   Obviously the pair of single-barebreasted maillots may be mated together, either on top, again providing full coverage, see (1 row one).
   The mirror-reversed pair of maillot halftops may also be worn solo (1 row four), or to be sassy, with pasties (1 row three).

   Thus the maillot halftop especially lends itself to over/under layering variations (JD89E), as well as in the process of changing (e.g. RD8726).
   In fact, this matrix construction may may be cluttered by the pasties and lack of nude. Conceptually at least sets also exist which document halfbras with and without bottoms (BSD8867), and sets with isolate only pasties, two, one, none; bottomless (BSD8868). This also produces a nude.
   And so these other portions of what is somehow an intertwined matrix can be examined here, exploring just the halfbra (BSD8867) and just the pasties (BSD8868).

   Bikini Science, this is the Maillot Halftop & Halfbra Combinations Table, c. 1989. 1 picture.