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Bottomless Defined
   Bottomless describes a costume in which the top half of the body is covered while the part below the waist is bare. Bottomless implies the exposure of pubic hair, buttocks, and posterior rugae. In Bikini Science terms, it is quite likely the only part of the body that might be covered is the breasts, as with a bikini halter (KN9206). Thus the exposure codes TMLAP, TLAP, and MLAP, and well as the more covered LAP may apply. Bottomless is also a term used to imply a bare buttocks, as in wearing a tanga or g-string, but in the official lexicon this usage is avoided.
   Like the topless, the bottomless is included in the Bikini Science lexicon because it represents the null case of culotte. It should be obvious that the summation of the topless and the bottomless is the nude.

Bottomless Behaviors
   Bottomless is the opposite of topless, but whereas bare breasts have become commonplace on beaches around the world, bare pubes have not, except where they are in an environment of full nudity, such as the nude beach. There is obviously a social distinction between baring the breasts and the nipples and baring the primary sex organs themselves. Even so, the woman who goes bottomless on a nude beach presents a shocking challenge to her beachmates--she is well within the permitted decorum, but subject to double-takes (GB9830). Men on nude beaches are also known to go bottomless (MV9310).
   Pre-pubescent children, often left to run around on non-nude beaches in the nude, are frequently left to run around bottomless (WK198803).

Treatment in Media
   Bottomless, because it exposes the privates at the expense of the breasts, has also been an exposure reserved for the haute risqué, such as the Mata Hari at the beginning of the First World War (MH191010).
   In America following the introduction of the Hayes Code and because it involves exposure of pubic hair, bottomless remains absent from pinup and glamour literature not only prior to the introduction of pubic hair in men's magazines (1969), but largely forgotten about afterwards. The subject is topless, or fully nude. Playboy magazine, for example, despite publishing thousands of images of women topless, nude, and in every manner of bikini, color of lingerie, and dress, rarely ever publishes a bottomless picture. None the less, in pin-up terms, it provides a powerful theme, especially when combined with topless and tanga images (MB9201).
   Obviously all the various top styles combine with bottomless, from the longsleeved waist-length shirt that covers everything above the waist, through the bra, halter (AB9305), bandeau variation of bikini tops. At most extreme is it combination with pasties (JE9026). In this example the bottomless is further charge by the model being completely shaven.
   Another obvious comparison matrix is the model who appears bikinied, topless, bottomless, and nude, through exposing all the permutations of the two-piece swimsuit.
The Language of Bottomless
   The aspirant Bikini Scientist is also cautioned that bottomless is also sometimes used to describe a costume in which the buttocks is exposed but in which the pubis is covered, such as a tanga or g-string. But this usage is not formalized in this work, and a bare-buttocks condition is herein described as tanga or as exposing buttage.
   Note that in the language of strip clubs, a bottomless club implies full nudity (RU9510, GO9710).

Close Cousins
   Bottomless implies a total lack of clothing below the waist, but is closely related to culotte which are see-through, crotchless, upskirt, or involve leggings or chaps but no coverage of the pubis or buttocks. It is also a close cousin of the hands over the crotch culotte species.
   Accidents also occur (PB87DA) which put the subject into a bottomless state.
Croptop and bottomless.
Exposure Codes
Exposure Codes
Nude beach Martha's Vinyard, Massachusetts 1993
Mata Hari bottomless c. 1910
Late 1960s
Late 1960s
mesh bra bottomless
Jenny Horn pasties bottomless
Hands Covering Crotch
Hands Covering Crotch
accidental bottomless