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Culotte Defined

Introduction to Culotte
   In Bikini Science parlance, a culotte is the bottom half of a deux-pièces or a bikini, regardless of its species. In fact the term, derived from the French word meaning shorts or briefs, encompasses all manner of attire of the pelvis, hips, and crotch, whether a top is present or not. Culotte species include shorts, the panty, nombril, tanga, g-string, and waistband and many others identified in this section. For sake of thoroughness references to the miniskirt, fig leaf, are also included as are hands which are used to cover the subject (and which therefore function as clothing). The opposite of a culotte is sans culottes, a French political term which also implies to have an exposed position, and which for the sake of completeness is herein described as the bottomless.
   The culotte type for all subjects in Bikini Science is identified in the costumes field.
   In general the species of culotte is determined by the size and shape of the garment, so in this respect a culotte can be underwear, beachwear or streetwear, although our study focuses on bikini science.
   The evolution of the culotte is treated in depth in the article on Primitive Costumes in the Time Machine.
   The many ways in which culotte can be doffed and donned is discussed under the various species.

   The definition of a culotte.