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Luis's Girlfriend Advance Warnings

Candy Store, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Spring 1984 FL8410

   String halter and sidetie string nombril. Same topless. Heels.

   TML > TMLB. N-5.

   A college kid recounts, "I went to this place in Ft. Lauderdale with my girl friend. She is wild. She will do anything. She wears like the smallest bikini, you know, strings and a tiny little patch. She walks down the sidewalk like that. Everybody looks at her. She loves it.
   "There is this one bar down in Ft. Lauderdale called The Candy Store and every day, every afternoon at four o'clock, they have a bikini contest around this pool in the middle. The first day she is a semi finalist and we won some beers, but the second day she goes right up and pulls her top off (1). Right in front of everybody. She wasn't about to loose and she doesn't care who sees her. She wears her heels for it. And she shakes her tits in front of everybody. It's wild, man."

   Ah, lurid eyewitness accounts of Bikini Contests from treckers into the field. And this is not an accounting of wildlife spotted from afar, this is a first-person report of the behavior of their companion.
   Perhaps a different lurking voyeur collected snapshots of this event and they are buried in a distant photo album somewhere.
   Compare to other events at the Candy Store.

   Recounted to the Chief Bikini Scientist. 1 picture.