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Tony Thomas Jacuzzi Nude

Marina Inn Jacuzzi, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
October 1987 PB87JA

   Orange tank maillot tanga.


   "We ate dinner at a drive in, which was fine except I had to walk to the bathroom. I had changed into a one-piece--still bare-bottomed of course--standing next to the car by putting it on over the halter and g-string. I don't quite know how I pulled this one off. But we got back to the motel around dark, so nobody noticed me," Tony mused, "for the first time today."
   "There was a jacuzzi down by the pool, and it was dark, so we went down to sit in it, then we got to making out, and the next thing I know he's taken my suit completely off (1) and we, and, well, you have to use your imagination (2)."
   "And that was your last tanga for the day," her boyfriends adds.
   "Right," she concludes, "'cause you wouldn't give it back to me, and you made me run back to the room naked."

   A perfect conclusion to a day-long constant tanga display.
   Layers again provide a vehicle for changing, only this time the new layer is put on over the old, and the stringties allow the inner layer to be shed.
   For another subject who combines a maillot over a g-string see SM8813. That maillot is not tanga, this one is.

   Recounted by the couple. 2 pictures.