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Jean Harlow MGM Maillot

Pool, Hollywood
c. 1933-1934 JH3330

   White skirtless bareback maillot, with black belt. Heels. Ankle bracelet.


   Harlow sits on a steps and leans forward (1). She leans back and reveals cleavage décolleté with the possibility of cleavage côté (2). She offshoulders and teases cleavage forward (3)!
   She stands and twists so that the side-boob cleavage is clearly understood (4). She stretches under an umbrella (5), lies down and reclines by the pool (6). Even though one foot is immersed in the water foot lovers are denied access to the other foot also (7).

   And so now we have it, the definitive 1930s maillot. No pantaloons, no skirt, tight-fitting, décolleté, and an increasingly backless silhouette that begins to show cleavage côté. See also JH3320.
   Harlow's lucky anklet is also seen on in JH3210.

   Two of these contains the numbers MG-37182, MG-37184, MG-37185, suggesting this is an MGM publicty photo. Many sources including Kenneth Auger, Hollywood Babylon; Vintage CD, Frank Kubin Collection, 2005; and many contributors to flickr.com including chickeyonthego, harlow11, alicejapan, and others. Date is estimation; flickr harlow11star estimates the date to be 1934, which is perhaps more accurate. 7 pictures.
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