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Jean Harlow Maillot and Exercise

Pool, Hollywood
c. 1932 JH3210

   Backless skirtless belted maillot.


   Jean Harlow does her exercises (1). Other side, different grip (2).

   This form-fitting maillot is radical in many respects. Note the belt, and the foundation woven into the fabric. Cleavage is not a significant delta, but the "neckline" at the back has descended, baring the shoulder blades. The declining backline also operates in consort with the armholes. For indeed what you see here are loosing meaning as "armholes", while becoming the sides of the maillot. Compare to JH3320.
   It it difficult to discern here if the legline is flush with the crotch or grips around the leg.
   She does wear her lucky ankle bracelet, see here around her left ankle. You can spot it again in JH3330.

   MGM publicity picture MG-32077. From Crawley, Screen Dreams, and Internet, especially flickr. Date is estimation, but definately early 1930s. 2 pictures.
JH3210_10_4110843931.JPG JH3210_20_3513028713.JPG