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Brigitte Bardot Invents Topless Beach & Plays Rugage

St. Tropez, France
c. 1967 BB6710

   Lingerie bra and string halter with sidetie nombril.
   Topless and nombril.

   TML. Rugage.
   TMLB. Rugage.

   Bardot knows how to work the bikini to max. She combos a lingerie bra overtop a string halter out in a boat (1) and rugages (2), a first perhaps? She paddles around on a rubber raft topless and rugage (3), suntans topoff and lying face down (4), and walks her dog (5). Secrets revealed (6), also sitting (7). She puts her top on for the hike back to the hotel wearing only her bikini and shallowing rugage (8). Quite an achievement.

   Bardot outs topless at St. Tropez in the late sixties. The details about Bardot's contributions to the topless beach are told in detail at the Rivera location, and in the late 1960s. This is revolutionary cultural breakthrough, an advancement of Louis Réard, an affront to the T-front maillot, and it fuses costume of the modern and native Earthlings even deeper.

   .03-.08 collected Internet, leninimports.com, 2005. .10 is print purchased in Thrif Shop, W 46th St., New York. Dates are estimation. 8 pictures.
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