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Annette Kellerman Invents the Bathing Unitard

London, England
1906 AK0650

   Black scoup neck, shortsleeved bathing unitard, which completely covers the torso, legs and feet.


    Annette Kellerman poses in her famous "one piece all-over Black Diving Suit" (1).
   The story of how the first of these swimsuits is created is told at length on the Annette Kellerman page.

   Annette Kellerman is worthy of study because she fuses athletic determination with a cultural agenda. She plays a central role in the history of Bikini Science, certainly, but she is a much bigger cultural player. She is also a person with an acute understanding of showmanship and publicity.
   Kellerman arrives in London just as the Gibson Girl is assimilated into the scene, and although we don't have any images of her from this time we hypothesize she later modeled restages of the swimwear she grew out of (AK1350). Smaller swimsuits (e.g. AK0750), will be one direction she takes us, but her agenda is much for rich.

   Source unknown. 1 picture.