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Paddleball Girl Bra Areolage

Cliffs Beach, Sesembra, Portugal
September 1991 SE9188

   Peach string strap bra and mini v-kini. Paddleball paddle. This bra is so low it is almost a demi-bra.

TML. Cleavage. Xiphoid. Areolage. N-4. Inguinal.

   This beach beauty plays paddleball with a friend (1). The outline of her nipple verifies the edge of her areola (2), and the legline lies inside and displays her inguinal line (3).

   There is more areolage at Sesembra (SE9139, SE9155).
   Other women also play paddleball at Sesembra, some of them topless (SE9182, SE9183, SE9199).
   Women play paddleball other places too (e.g., FI8302, CB9003).

   Wildlife. 3 pictures.
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