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Paddleball Girl 3 Athletic Tanga

Coconuts, Cocoa Beach, Florida
October 1990 CB9003

   Black with green string halter and tri-color string diamond-head tanga.


   This athletic lass plays paddleball with a boyfriend on the sands below Coconuts (1). An oblique front view shows off the front of a diamond-head (2). The mid-walk weight is unbalanced from square-on behind (3) as our tangaite leans over to pick up the ball in the surf (4). After playing a while this Paddleball Girl returns to her lounger at medium beach and lies on her stomach with her bare butt up (5).

   Athletics are important at Cocoa Beach. Women used to play paddleball in bikinis (FI8302), but this is our first recorded paddleball athlete wearing a tanga. Soon there will be others (CB91C6).
   Cocoa Beach is not only a place of tangas, it is a place of active tangas as well. Tanga at Cocoa does not confine itself to the beach blanket, it is found riding the jetski (CB9001), playing volleyball (CB91C2), and de rigur in the bikini contests.
   As for playing paddleball without a top, well that requires a journey to Portugal, where it is played not only in bikinis (SE9188), but in the absolute minimum (SE9182).

   Wildlife. 5 pictures.
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