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Sisters? Bikini and Maillot Tangas Walk the Surf

Jacob Riis Park, New York
June 1988 RP8803

   Blue with black and purple center gather bandeau and sidestrap tanga. Necklace.
   Purple-gray haltered v-neck front tie wrap maillot tanga, aka a tangaed maillot sarong.

   TMLB. N-2.

   Two young ladies approach, headed south and walking along the surf (1). As they pass by we observe that they are tangaed behind, one in a bikini, and one wearing a maillot (2). A young boy also notices (3).

   Aside from RP8801, these two beachwalkers are the only other tangas spotted at Riis Park today. If perchance RP8801 is a misdirected European, this pair of native New Yorkers are totally shameless. Not only do they duo their behinds, but they strut their stuff for the entire length of the beach. Their willingness to push the envelope of costume coupled with their willingness to exhibit an extreme range of venue makes them a very hot number and the object of all eyes on the beach.
   For more information on the adoption of tanga, consult the Bikini Science Times (1990-1995).

   Wildlife. 3 pictures.
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