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Butch Blonde First Maillot Tanga

Ft. Lauderdale Beach, Florida
October 1987 FL8717

   Black strapless cutout maillot tanga, also classified as a maillot cutout. Sunglasses.


    A woman with short blonde hair and a round rump lies on her belly, asleep (1) and reading (2).

   Ft. Lauderdale sports a few tangas this year (FL8715), and a single g-string (FL8710), but this is the first maillot tanga spotted on an American public beach. Besides the bare back note that the belly is also cutout.
   For more on the introduction of the maillot tanga on the real beach consult the Bikini Science Times (1990-1995).

   Wildlife. 2 pictures.
FL871706.JPG FL871701.JPG