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Contestant One Survives Two Rounds

Coconuts, Cocoa Beach, Florida
March 20, 1993 CB9371

   White T-shirt over red sequined pretzel string maillot tanga.

   MLA > TMLA. N-4 > N-6. Underside and centros cleavage. Inguinal.

   The Bikini Contest at Coconuts is a weekly affair (1) and a standard routine. In Round One the contestants emerge with a T-shirt on over their swimsuit (2), prance around (3), and then pull the T-shirt off overhead to cheers (4). Thus divested (5), the contestant tosses it into the crowd (6), and exists (7).
   Round Two is a parade in just the bikinis, or the this case, a homemade pretzel maillot (8). This contestants strides (9) confidently around the stage (10), tugs the strings at the side of the pretzel (11, 12), and waves to her fans (13).
   She fails, if such a thing is possible, to make it the final Round Three!

   This is the first wildlife photograph of a pretzel maillot. Some of the bikini contest contestants are dancers (strippers) from up or down the coast, cultivating their fans and the hundred dollar prize money. The amateurs don't have a chance.

   Wildlife. 13 pictures.
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